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Musicians Welcome!

Welcome to Bring The Rhythm. We are here to help you take the next steps in your journey. 


Let's get to know each other!

We are Bring The Rhythm. A community driven non profit organization based in Amsterdam. Our goal is to provide a stage and necessary support to you and other musicians to take the next steps in your music careers. Come join an event to experience the power of a community:

  • Meet and collaborate with other musicians.

  • Grow your skillset and take the first steps of performing on a stage.

  • Test out your new songs in front of an audience.

This is just the tip of the iceberg - hope we got you excited! 

How We Can Help You?

Our community driven model aims to help you in the following ways:

DSC_1176 (1).jpg

Open Stage
for All!

  • Meet and collaborate with  a wide range of musicians

  • Get to perform on a stage twice a month

    • Open Mic @ Amstelhaven 
      (audience: 50-100)

    • Mini Mic @ Cafe De Krater

  • Test out your new music


Workshops and a network

  • Join our workshops to keep developing your skillsets 

  • Our workshops focus on practical application of theory.
    We promise they are not boring ;)

  • Connect with industry professionals and make meaningful friends


Helping you to achieve your dreams

  • Want to record a song? Or film a music video. We can help you to get started

  • Use the power of the community to improve your songs

  • We generate content for you to
    re-use and grow your social media exposure 



BTR shines with its unbeatable community spirit and positive vibes. Their team excels in bringing together musicians of all kinds, creating a welcoming space for both newcomers and seasoned artists. Attending a BTR event guarantees leaving with a smile on your face and new connections made, as it's a place where everyone is uplifted and celebrated, making every event memorable 


I found the workshop very intimate and insightful! Not only was the venue really cool, the speakers were also incredibly impressive yet so approachable! It was like learning about music theory while also feeling intrinsically pumped to be a part of a real musical community - even if I didn't know everyone yet!

Convinced? Come join! 
We love initiatives! So let us know what we can help you with, and we will try our best to make it happen :) 

Thanks for submitting!

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