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BTR Presents

The Showdown

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Welcome to The Showdown

The first BTR Showdown in collaboration with Jimmy Woo!

A battle between three bands to show their performance skills, unique and original compositions.

Ready to impress the Jimmy Woo crowed?

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Join us for a night of competition, celebration, and an unforgettable musical experience followed by a post-show extravaganza by Memoire.


Get ready to make memories that will resonate long after the music fades!

  • Who can sign up?
    We're on the lookout for bands with a minimum of three members to bring their musical prowess to The Showdown.
  • I don't have a band - can I still sign up?
    Absolutely! If you're a solo artist, we've got you covered. We'll connect you with talented musicians from the BTR Community. Just share your music genre and specify the accompaniment you're seeking, and we'll ensure you have the perfect ensemble for an unforgettable performance.
  • What does the winner get?
    Stay tuned! The winning prize for The Showdown will be unveiled closer to the event date. We assure you it'll be a valuable asset for your musical journey.
  • Who is judging the competition?
    It's all about the audience! The winner of The Showdown will be decided by the crowd. After all the performances, your fans will have the power to cast their votes and play a crucial role in determining the champion of the night. So, more fans you bring - the higher your chances!
  • Does my ticket include entrance for the Memoire Party?
    Absolutely! Your ticket not only grants you access to The Showdown but also guarantees entry to Memoire's party. Get ready to dance the night away and revel in the electrifying atmosphere of both events!
  • What time does the event start?
    Get ready to rock! The Showdown kicks off promptly at 22:00 and runs until 23:00. Once the musical battle concludes, we seamlessly transition to the Memoire party, where you can dance the night away to some classic tunes. It's a night of non-stop entertainment, and we can't wait to see you there!
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